The Borges Reader

“I love his work because everyone of his pieces contains a model of the universe or an attribute of the universe.” Italo Calvino.

“Si el espacio es infinito estamos en cualquier punto del espacio. Si el tiempo es infinito estamos en cualquier punto del tiempo.” JLB.

“What Borges offered his readers was a philosophy, an ethical system, a method.” Alberto Manguel.

“Declinaba el verano. y comprendí que el libro era monstruoso. De nada me sirvió considerar que no menos monstruoso era yo, que lo percibía con ojos y la palpaba con diez dedos con uñas.” JLB.

“It is a sign of importance that, in placing him, only strange and perfect works can be called to mind.” André Maurois.

“La línea consta de un número infinito de puntos; el plano, de un número infinito de líneas; el volumen, de un número infinito de planos; el hipervolumen, de un número infinito de volúmenes… No, decididamente no es éste, more geometrico, el mejor modo de iniciar mi relato. Afirmar que es verídico es ahora una convención de todo relato fantástico; el mío, sin embargo, es verídico.” JLB.

” Borges was the quintessential writer’s writer.” James Woodall.

“De noche, en los escasos intervalos que me concedía el insomnio, soñaba con el libro.” JLB

“Like my beloved late friend William, he was not of an age, but of all time.” Ben Jonson.


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Hadrian Bagration

Hadrian Bagration is a humble and avid reader and perhaps an author. He pleads guilty to a few titles. He is also an enthusiastic but somewhat negligent follower of such intellects as those of the early Sartre, Albert Camus, Harold Bloom, Jorge Luis Borges, the French encyclopaedists, epistemologist Mario Bunge, Richard Dawkins and the insufferable (in today's ludicrous politically correct view) paleontologist Peter Ward. Beyond the above, and besides a vague vital skepticism and abhorrence of the cult of zeal, he is known for being unremarkably collected.

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